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The tranquility, tranquility and relaxation that free days provide can lead us to spend more than the bill. Moreover, if we do not go with enough care, those days off can become a real nightmare. In fact in recent months, many media outlets have echoed the increase in complaints from consumers due to the high interest rates of some credit cards.

And they are a very useful financial product to go to obtain short-term liquidity but its use is not recommended for medium and / or long term Avoid it! In we remind you that in some cases, interest usually exceeds 20% APR. However, as previously mentioned, they offer other advantages: rent a car, hire trips, dispose of cash with total simplicity, save up to 4% when filling the deposit and much more.

Take note of these tips and use worry-free credit cards

Take note of these tips and use worry-free <a href=credit cards” width=”640″ height=”320″ />

The convenience of being able to pay for our purchases in installments is one of the reasons why many regularly enjoy this type of plastics. The problem comes when we verify that the debt is eternalized since every month a very small fee is paid that can be faced but the interests are accumulating. Would you like to avoid it? Below we list a series of tips, put them into practice!

  • Payment Method

    Payment Method

    First of all, even before using the credit card, it is vital to check which payment method you have active. This management can be completed on the website of the issuing company. However, if any doubt arises or it is not possible to make any changes, the procedure must be carried out by phone or at the bank itself. Please note that as a general rule most cards are delivered, by default, with the deferred refund option.

    In any case, if you wish to pay in installments, the ideal is to establish a high monthly payment to cause the minimum interest.

  • End of the month

    Remember that another of the preferences granted by credit cards is to pay at the end of the month in a single payment. Logically, there will not be a penny in interest. Therefore it becomes the perfect modality for all those users who do not wish to finance.

  • Easy Pay

    Easy Pay

    The financial sector is constantly evolving. So much so that today it is viable in some cards, to postpone payments in several monthly installments with a series of very profitable conditions. The APR is reduced to 5% and, on the other hand, this financing can always be requested through online banking. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting way to postpone orders and / or purchases at specific times.

  • Advances


    As you well know, if there is the opportunity to advance part or all that is due, it is the best. For this reason, if you receive an extra income is 100%, allocate it to that end and stop generating interest.

  • If necessary, hire other financing

    Hiring a loan to solve an unforeseen, urgent or timely situation of lack of liquidity are usually the most common situations that can lead us to ask for extra money. Now, do you know which possibility is the most recommended for you? There are many options in the financial market. Personal loans, for example, are usually characterized by an average cost of 8.50% APR. That is, a much cheaper alternative.

  • Use responsibly

    Use responsibly

    Setting a budget is one of the most recommended steps by financial experts. This is good advice because as long as we are realistic, adjusting to it, we would not have to have problems when it comes to paying cash. Even so, throughout the year there are certain dates in which it is worth investing and you cannot constantly afford to pay the bills at once. Yes, we mean sales. On these occasions, taking advantage of discounts is more than appealing.

    Well, under these circumstances, credit cards can grant us many benefits but it will only be so under responsible use. It is extremely important to control the impulses. That is why it is essential to do our part. Consuming responsibly will be essential to make it happen.

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