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The prestige of quick loans online is very high in the public eye as a wide range of facilities on offer. One of the facilities is a sluggish application condition. What are the main requirements that are usually given? Check it out below!

In life, there are always things we could not have anticipated or predicted. Although we have been careful to prevent such things from happening, there is still a fate we cannot avoid. Some of the most common unforeseen events are illnesses that need to be hospitalized or hospitalized, accidents have to pay for repairs to vehicles, up to unexpected childcare costs.

If this is the case, we will definitely check the amount of the funds in personal savings. But if the amount is insufficient, we don’t need to borrow funds. The first option when we need a loan is to be a close friend or family member, but if they are unable to provide the loan, the office is usually the second solution. If you can’t get a loan from the office, the bank is definitely the next choice. Unfortunately, when applying for a bank loan, not all applications are accepted because there are many requirements that you need to meet. Therefore, online fast loans are then selected by the people in need of urgent funds.

Request a loan direct payday lenders only today

It is not without any reason why guaranteed loans for bad credit are now the main solution for people who need fast funds. For those of you still wondering why applying for a loan direct payday lenders only, we will tell you the reason!

  •   Do It Anywhere and Anywhere

The first reason is that this fast loan can be done anytime and anywhere with all the online submission process. That way, you can save time and energy from coming directly to the lending office. When you’re in desperate need of funds quickly, you can count on online lending anytime.

  •   How to Apply is Easy

This is because this fast loan method is easy to understand. Usually, you just visit the lender’s site or download the application. After that login and upload your personal data then apply online fast. With such a simple filing system, who wouldn’t be tempted?

  •   Quick Disbursement Process

The advantage of online lending is that the process of disbursement is very fast, especially if you have already applied for a loan at the same place. Usually, the disbursement process will be faster because the data has already been verified. Especially if you paid the installment on time. The average for this fast cash loan disbursement process ranges from 1 day to 14 business days.

  • No BI Checking

Do you know that almost all bank loans are rejected because of the failure of BI Checking? What exactly is BI Checking? BI Checking is your credit history check. Have you ever taken a loan and delayed payment? If there is a late payment or there is a loan that has not been repaid, your loan will not be approved by the bank. Well, fast funds lending has no BI Checking.

  • Requirements Not Slow

The last reason is that the requirements provided are not exhaustive. This is done so that everyone in the community can lend. There are many cases of loan refusal just because the borrower cannot meet the requirements. With fast money loans that are not conducive, everyone can easily lend.

Major Terms of Applying for a Quick Loan Online

Major Terms of Applying for a Quick Loan Online

According to the above explanation, the requirements for applying for a fast loan online are not exhaustive. So what requirements do we need to set up when applying for a fast money loan? There are five basic requirements that you should always meet:

1. ID card

The most common condition is to have a Resident ID Card. An ID card is a must-have document because it is a sign that you are a citizen. Please note that there are some online lending providers that only allow citizens to lend. If there is a possibility for Foreign Citizens (WNA) to lend, there will usually be a Temporary Resident Card requirement in place of ID.


In addition to IDRs, the Taxpayer Identification Number (IPHP) is also the most commonly used as a prerequisite for fast loan applications. Having this NPWP is a must because the NPWP is used as a reference tool by your online lender to check how much your monthly income is by looking at the income tax repayment history you pay each year. Looking at your NPWP, online lending providers can also tell you how accurate your loan repayment is. In addition, the NPWP is now the second mandatory requirement for online lending providers who are already registered with the Financial Services Authority.

3. Salary Slip

Next is a general rule of payslip that will be proof of how much your monthly income is. This payslip is a requirement for employees, and what about employers and professionals? For employers and professionals, you can include an income statement in lieu of a payslip. In addition, you will usually be asked for a Permit for Professionals and a Business Permit for Entrepreneurs.

4. Newspaper Account

Newspaper accounts are often a prerequisite for applying for a fast online loan. For those of you who don’t know what a bank account is, a bank account is information on activity from bank-printed customer accounts, from cash and non- cash transactions such as month-to-month balance, mutation, to the final balance. You can request this bank account through a bank teller. If you don’t have a newspaper account, you can usually provide a copy of your savings book for the past three months.

5. Personal Bank Account

Lastly is to have a personal bank account. Why a personal account? This is done so that the online lender can easily synchronize the full name on your government ID, ID, payslip, and even your bank account. Plus, these unconditional fast loans will be liquidated through your personal bank account, so you can’t use anyone else’s bank account.

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