Windows 10 Success Or Failure?

Aug 09

Windows 10 is a big news among all. It has been referred to be a perfect OS from Microsoft, which is a mix of the mostly liked Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. How much effective the new windows are over the others, is a big talk among all the technicians now. To get the idea about the new OS, some details are essential.


The Fact About Windows 10

The first thing that you must make a note is about the 75 million users of the new windows. This is not at all an astonishing fact, by any sense, since there are the free updates. Free updates for the licensed Windows 7 Users, free updates for Windows 8 and 8.1 users has resulted in this massive figure. The entire update news from other windows format to windows 10 is the reason for the massive figure, which Microsoft never reached, before this one. So, do you think that the huge number is not the indication of the success of the Microsoft’s new initiation?

A Perfect CSR

The first thing here to be noted is that Microsoft has upgraded almost 70 percent of the Windows users, over the world to a new base. This can be treated as a great social service for two reasons. The first reason is the excellent free service that Microsoft provided and the second one is about the technological upgradation of the mass. So, if considered from the view of social service Windows 10 is super successful. However, this is not the sense that is effective from the business angle.

A Massive Operation

The software can be judged to be successful, only when that is accepted by the users, in exchange for money. Free upgradation is always welcomed by the users. This quite natural, not only from the end of the expert users but also from the angle of thought from the general users. When the upgradation or renewal of the free subscription is accepted, Microsoft will find their success, not before that. So, can this be regarded as a business failure?

Business Chances For Microsoft

No, this upgrade and the mass response to the upgrade can never be regarded as a failure for Microsoft, especially after the market gadget initiation from windows 8 onwards. This market feature has opened up the instant app availability on the PCs, and that is big news, where Microsoft has opened up the gateway for making business. This market facility, which was not there in the case of XP, Vista or even Window 7 has been a great boon for business growth for Microsoft. An upgradation of the windows 7 users to windows 10 has given the option to the users to avail the market. This has been a chance for the company to get better investment from the owners of businesses and apps. Thus a chance of success is opened for Microsoft.

Time is the best speaker of success and failure, and here Microsoft has to wait for the time alone. They have done a massive operation, by providing the upgrades. Now it is the time to wait and see how the plants are growing after the seeds are sowed.

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